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jMyAdmin is a 100% pure Java tool based on the Struts framework intended to administer MySQL databases using any W3C compliant browser. The binary distribution can be deployed instantaneously just by dropping the supplied war file into any JSP1.2+/Servlet2.3+ container such as Resin, Tomcat and so on. Jmyadmin requires JDK 1.4.x.

   News & Updates
08-Mar-2008: V0.7.3 released. Updated to work (only) with mysql 5.x.
21-May-2003: V0.7 released. A bug fix release with some new feautures.
17-Mar-2003: At last! The homepage is officially launched.
11-Mar-2003: V0.6 released. Includes multi-server option and several bug fixes.
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Shot #1 - Creating a table
Shot #2 - Browsing a table
Shot #3 - Modifying a table